Be part of the bankroll

The bankroll is the total amount that players have invested for an specific currency. Cryptosdice uses a 1% house edge and investors get 50% of the house wins or losses. This means a 0.5% Expected Value (EV) that is shared by the investors. You can invest any amount and adjust the kelly % to own more or less % of the bankroll. Let's say that the bankroll is 90 BTC with an average kelly of 1%. This means that the maximum win in a single bet is 90 * 0.01 = 0.9 BTC. Then you invest 10 BTC at 1% kelly, now the bankroll is 100 BTC and you have 10% stake of the bankroll, so you earn 10% of any profits. You could also had invested 1 BTC at 10% kelly and this also gives you a 10% of the profits.

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