What is Cryptosdice?

Cryptosdice.com is a place where to play provably fair multicurrency luck games. We currently only offer dice game, but more games will be added over time to give a greater variety to our players. We hope you enjoy your time on our site and we encourage feedback for changes and improvements!

Another dice site? What makes Cryptosdice different?

We offer some unique features that make us different from other dice sites.
1. Totally customizable bets, thanks to our slider feature where you can set any interval of numbers between 0.00 and 99.99.
2. You can bet and invest in +45 cryptocurrencies with a single account!

How do I contact with you?

You can use our support system for any question here

What is the house edge?

The house edge is only 1% for all currencies.

Is the site provably fair?

Yes, the site is provably fair. The lucky number of each bet is generated through the use of two seeds, a server seed, and your client seed. The server seed is created before you specify your client seed, ensuring that a server seed purposely in our favor cannot be generated. Together, along with the nonce (# of bets made with seed pair), the seeds are processed by this function: $hmac= hash_hmac('sha256', $serverSeed, $clientSeed.':'.$nonce). To obtain the roll number from the resulting HMAC output, the first 5 characters are taken and conveted to an integer. If the number is greater than 9999, the next 5 characters are used. The result is then divided by 10^2 to obtain a number within the 0.00-99.99 range.
To change the client seed and reveal the previous server seed, click on "RANDOMIZE" button. Before you specify your new client seed, you are shown the SHA256 hash of the server seed that will be used alongside whichever seed you pick. You can then verify was the seed we hashed and showed you.

What is the investment option?

You have the option to invest in the bankroll of any currency accepted at Cryptosdice. By investing you own a % of the bankroll, which allows gamblers to bet against it. If they win, the bankroll get smaller, if they lose, the bankroll increases, but your stake remains the same. You may invest or divest at anytime. You can also set your kelly % wich means the amount of your investment that is risked on a single bet. This also allows you to own a bigger percentage of the bankroll: 10 BTC at 10% kelly are equivalent to 100 BTC at 1% kelly.

Can I get paid to promote this website?

We offer an affiliate program which can be accessed by clicking the "PROMOTE" tab. A unique referral link is provided, so you can start to bring players to cryptosdice.com and earn a comission of the house edge. Comissions are paid in the original currency wich the bet is made. Banners and images are accessible here , feel free to create your own!